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Hello, Thanks for showing interest here at Venturebook.com .. After you have signed-in here in Contrib.com you will see Menus and Options. as you can see in the image below, at the middle right position you will see the menus and to be able to proceed to the next step and click "Your Teams" Option, then proceed ..


Submit Your Venture Preposition

Team List

Hello Folks, Your now in the Team list page where you can see all your Teams or Brands in your Cirle to Submit your Venture Preposition, Just Click your Brand Choice and then good to go ..


Owner and Founder Appproves Venture Book

Login to your VNOC Account.

First You must logged on to your Virtual Network Operations Center (VNOC) then search your founded brand.


Legal Contracts Implemented

Sample Contract.

Contracts will be sent by owners with regards to venture proposition with initial terms for phase 1 implementation.

What We Do

Build Brands

We have the best techonology contributors and inhouse staff that builds great brands.

Build Products

Using our Contrib/VNOC model we are able to build web products vertically but still we need help.

Build Verticals

Using Globalventures portfolio, we build products around our verticals and create synergy within and outside our portfolio.

Why Choose Us?

Founded in 1998, we have build a reputation for great customer service and unique idea execution. Our model is unique in terms of a distributed managed and owned asset pool in which anyone can contribute to value creation and stakeholder ownership.


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